The van that struck five cyclists on March Road in 2009 did not stop or slow down after the collision, witnesses testified in an Ottawa court.

Jody and Dale Pegg said they were driving southbound on March Road just before 8 a.m. on July 19, 2009, when they saw a beige van travelling northbound past a row of five cyclists, riding single file.

Jody Pegg told the court she heard what she describes as three popping sounds, and said it sounded like a car hitting construction pylons. Then she looked across to the northbound lanes and saw two cyclists being thrown in the air and turned upside down before they hit the road.

She said the van was driving within the speed limit but the driver did not stop, brake or pull over to see what had happened.

The Peggs testified at the trial of Sommit Luangpakham, 47, who is charged with multiple counts of dangerous driving causing bodily harm and failing to remain at the scene of an accident.


Five cyclists were hit on March Road in July 2009. (CBC)

Luangpakham pleaded not guilty Tuesday morning. A jury was selected immediately following his plea. Witnesses began testifying Tuesday afternoon.

Cathy Anderson, one of the five cyclists hit in the incident, had earlier told the court she was the first one struck.

She said she cried when when she realized that despite the seriousness of her injuries, the other four cyclists were much worse off.

One of the injured cyclists, Robert Wein, was in critical condition with brain injuries when he was taken to hospital and a year later is now walking, haltingly, with a cane or walker.

The trial continues Wednesday.