A tire recycling facility opens today in a small village east of Ottawa, turning tires into rubber floor mats that are popular with farmers.

André Laflèche founder president Moose Creek Tire Recycling

André Laflèche, president of Moose Creek Tire Recycling, says his business wouldn't be possible without financial help from the Ontario Tire Stewardship. (Giacomo Panico/CBC)

The mats cost more to produce than they are typically sold for because tires are difficult to process for recycling. But the business is made possible with money from the Ontario Tire Stewardship.

The stewardship collects $5.69 from the sale of every new tire in Ontario and uses the money to help recycle tires.

"It means the whole difference," said André Laflèche, president of Moose Creek Tire Recycling. "Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to build this, we wouldn't have created the 60 jobs, we would have stockpilled the tires all over the place, and our children would have to pay to dispose of it in the future."

The company's goal is to process 3.5 million tires each year.

"People that have them [the mats] in their barn will tell you that their cows are happier," Laflèche said. "They're more comfortable, they produce, they have a better life."

Moose Creek is about 70 kilometres east of Ottawa, near Casselman.