The ride-sharing company Uber says it's standing by its drivers after two of them were fined for breaking a city bylaw.

A spokesperson for Uber says its Ottawa drivers "shouldn't be threatened or penalized for providing a safe and reliable ride to their fellow Ottawans."

Uber is an app-driven service that allows non-professional drivers to work as private cab operators.

Uber taxi app

Uber is seen here on the iPhone of a driver. Uber has entered more than 100 markets, ranging from its hometown of San Francisco to Berlin to Tokyo. (Lucy Nicholson/Reuters)

City staff posed as Uber customers over the weekend and used the tech company's app to find drivers. Two drivers were fined once they accepted payment.

Each driver is now facing a $650 fine.

In an emailed statement, Uber spokesperson Lauren Altmin said Uber is hoping for a "collaborative process" with the city on ride-sharing to "better serve the interests" of the city and its residents.

"Costly sting operations, that seek to protect a monopoly that has remained unchanged for decades only hurts the consumers that have been asking for expanded transportation choices," the statement reads.

"If any of our partners encounters an issue as a result of their partnership with Uber, we stand by them fully."