A man ice fishing northeast of Gatineau on McLaurin Bay had to be rescued after his truck fell through the ice.

Fishermen camped out on McLaurin Bay, about an hour northeast of Gatineau near Templeton, Que., say the centre of the bay is a foot thick and safe.

But Wednesday at about 5:30 p.m. a truck fell through the ice in a channel along the eastern edge of the bay.

"When police arrived, and also firefighters, we had to rescue the driver of the truck," said Gatineau police Const. Pierre Lanthier. 


McLaurin Bay is a popular spot for ice fishers. (CBC)

"The good news is that the driver is in pretty good shape, he's OK," said Lanthier.

Jean Francois D'Aoust said he's been coming to the fishing spot for 15 years and said he's seen trucks, snowmobiles and other vehicles fall through the ice.

He said it's because they're unfamiliar with undercurrents that prevent water from freezing in certain parts of the bay.

"I'm not surprised, every year there's guys in the ice, water," he said.

D'Aoust said more warning signs are needed to let people know what areas of the bay are safe and what areas are known trouble spots.

Police said the vehicle remains in the ice and could be stuck until spring because of the difficulty in retrieving it during cold temperatures.

Police also said they wouldn't lay charges, but the Quebec ministry of environment could still fine the driver.