Tricia Boisvert is Montreal's 2nd homicide victim of 2014

A memorial for homicide victim Tricia Boisvert is being held Friday night at Ottawa's Minto Park as police continue to search for their main suspect, Gatineau man Philippe Steele Morin.

Woman's body found near Quyon, Que., on Thursday; main suspect still being sought by police

Friends of homicide victim Tricia Boisvert told CBC News she's being remembered for her laugh. 2:54

A memorial for homicide victim Tricia Boisvert is being held Friday night at Ottawa's Minto Park as police continue to search for their main suspect, Gatineau man Philippe Steele Morin.

Philippe Steele Morin, 31, is being sought by Montreal police in connection with Boisvert's death. (SPVM)
Sources told CBC News a Pontiac, Que., woman led police to Boisvert's body off Proven Road, near Fifth Concession Road, just northeast of Quyon in the Municipality of Pontiac.

Boisvert had disappeared from her home on Notre-Dame Street West in Montreal's Southwest borough one week ago. Her death is Montreal's second homicide of 2014, police said.

Her car was spotted in Ottawa on Tuesday, according to an Ottawa police source.

A towing company in Aylmer received a call about an abandoned vehicle outside a bar in Quyon. When the tow truck operator arrived, he popped the trunk, found blood inside and did not tow the vehicle.

Montreal police say they believe the vehicle may have since been taken to a scrap yard and destroyed.

Boisvert previously worked as exotic dancer

James Charette says he went to high school with Boisvert, and that she "was always a good person." (CBC)
A daytime manager at the Barefax strip club told CBC News Boisvert worked on and off as an exotic dancer at clubs throughout the city for years. 

"She was known for her great laughter," Peter Summers said. "She was just a beautiful lady and it's a tragic thing that's happened to her. We're all in shock. ... Everybody in the industry, we're a tight-knit family, and everybody's pretty upset.

"Our condolences go out to all her friends and family."

Friend James Charette said he and Boisvert went to high school in Barrhaven together.

Peter Summer, a daytime manager at Barefax, says Boisvert was known for her "great laughter." (CBC)
"Tricia was always a good person. She was sweet, she was someone who, when she met someone, befriended them quite quick. She was a happy, easygoing person," Charette said.

"I think she got into a little bit of trouble here and there, but I think for the most part she kind of steered away from that. ... I never knew, I never went to court with her or anything of that nature. ... But I think she found herself somewhere in her 20s, and from what I knew she was living a lot happier and doing things right, I believe."

A family member told CBC News Boisvert may have been trying to start a new career as a home-care provider for the elderly. She had scheduled a Caribbean vacation and was to begin a training course on her return.

Main suspect still sought by police

Police continue to search for the suspect in the case, 31-year-old Philippe Steele Morin of Gatineau. Montreal police are leading the investigation and they believe Morin remains in the Gatineau area.

Police said they believe Morin was the last person to see Boisvert.

Gatineau police said Morin has also been wanted since July 16 on charges related to an alleged domestic assault, as well as vehicle theft, mischief and breach of probation.

In Ottawa, Morin has been wanted since September for failing to appear in court on charges including possession for the purpose of trafficking, possession of the proceeds of crime and breach of probation.

Ottawa police say they've had dealings with Morin for more than 10 years and that the most recent matters are domestic.