An Ottawa city councillor wants the city to look into regulations for tow-truck drivers after two trucks were caught racing to the scene of a collision last week.

Both drivers were charged with racing and their licenses suspended last Tuesday after they allegedly sped their trucks towards a collision near Stagecoach Road and Leitrim Road.

In Ontario, anyone with a driver's license and a truck can start towing.

Ottawa Police have contracts with companies to help clear the roads during collisions, but there is no contract for the Queensway and provincial highways.

The OPP announced earlier this month plans to contract out some of its towing work — for incidents relating to vehicles impounded for offences such as driving under suspension or impaired driving.

But regardless of contract, many truck operators listen to police scanners and hope that by geting there first, they can get the job.

"Police will broadcast over their radio system that they need a tow truck, tow operators will monitor the police and there is no highway traffic incident management plan that deals with collisions or unplanned events," said Doug Nelson with the Provincial Towing Association.

Bad habits on the road

Stittsville councillor Shad Qadri said city staff is looking at the possibility of municipal regulations

"I understand the police position, where they have to clear the roadway as soon as possible. Yet I do have the right as somebody involved in the accident to call my own tow truck," said Qadri.

Joseph Perry at May's Towing Service Ltd. said he sees a lot of bad habits on the road.

"We were out last year with my wife and there were two trucks running on the side of the road, cutting into traffic, cutting back out of traffic... it's basically going to cause a major accident," said Perry.

Qadri said he would await the city report before making any recommendations.