In a special series, CBC Ottawa's Steve Fischer took an inside look at the illegal sale of opioids in the city and the personal struggles of those addicted to the drugs.

Teen's opioid addiction 'descent into hell' for Ottawa mom


An Ottawa mother said her son's addiction to prescription drugs — first oxycodone, and now fentanyl — has her fearing for his life and questioning why it remains so easy to obtain the drugs and yet so hard to get treatment.

Drug dealer explains lure and risk of fentanyl abuse

Ottawa Fentanyl Drug Dealer

A constant demand from drug addicts and steady access to prescriptions has made the illegal trade of powerful prescription opiates in the National Capital Region both widespread and profitable, according to an Ottawa-area drug dealer.

New clinic aims to reduce stigma around opioid addiction

Ainsley Recovery Ottawa Fentanyl Clinic

With fentanyl and other opioid abuse becoming more of an issue in the Ottawa area, one treatment centre is taking a new, more personal approach to helping people with prescription drug problems.

Steve Fischer answered questions about his opioid series

Steve Fischer Fentanyl Series

Steve talked about the stories behind the stories — how the series came together, how the characters are doing — in a live chat on Thursday.