Two teenaged girls accused of forcing their peers into prostitution ripped another teen’s clothes off and took photos afterward, according to testimony heard Monday.

The 16-year-old girl told an Ottawa courtroom she and two friends from school went to a party June 1, 2012 after being invited by one of the three accused.

When they arrived, the teen said there wasn’t a party but she began drinking anyway, having a quarter of a beer, a few sips of alcohol and an unknown, blue-coloured drink.

She said she felt drunk, but remembers the alleged ringleader of the teenaged prostitution ring slapping and punching her in the face, leaving her with a deep cut on her nose, bruises and scratches.

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She said two of the accused were also forcibly removing her clothes – ripping her shirt off, breaking a bra strap and taking off her leggings.

“I felt they were trying to rape me and I’m going to be violated,” she said.

Teen says she doesn't remember being photographed

The teen said the alleged ringleader pulled her hair and told her to shut up when she tried to get away.

In a videotaped statement to police, the teen said the alleged ringleader was also taking pictures of her while her clothes were off.


This blurred-out photo was taken from an account on the photo-sharing site Instagram. The account has the same name as a Facebook and Twitter account entered as evidence in court. (CBC)

However, the same teen said she didn’t remember that when asked about it by the Crown.

She said Monday one of her friends at the party told her she saw those photos on an accused’s cell phone.

Photos show marks on teen's face

The court had to take a break Monday afternoon while the teen had to consider whether she'd look at photos of herself taken after the alleged June 1 incident.

The Crown had asked her to look at the photos and when she said no, Judge Diane Lahaie said she had to.

The teen still said no, she didn't want to see them and the Crown had told her she wouldn't have to.

Lahaie said she'd wait as long as it took for the teen to agree to look at the photos, then ordered a break so the teen could think about looking at them.

When court resumed, the teen said she would look at the photos, including one taken weeks later showing a red mark on her nose when she arrived at an Ottawa police station to give her statement.

Same party court heard about on Friday

Friday, a teen testified she passed out drunk and was photographed naked at the same party.

Three teenaged girls, two 16 year-old and one 17 year-old, are facing 74 charges including procuring for prostitution, creating child pornography and human trafficking.

It’s alleged the trio used social media to lure nine teenaged girls, aged 13 to 17, to a southeast Ottawa home where they were forced into performing sexual acts for men.

All three have pleaded not guilty.

The trial continues Monday afternoon.