Teen pimp trial instagram

This blurred-out photo was taken from an account on the photo-sharing site Instagram. The account has the same name as a Facebook and Twitter account entered as evidence in court. (Instagram)

A developmentally disabled young woman said two teen girls invited her to have sex for money and posted semi-nude photos of her online after she refused, an Ottawa court heard Wednesday.

The young woman was 19 in the spring of 2012 when she alleges a teen girl on trial for allegedly forcing other teens into prostitution — and another teen girl awaiting trial — invited her to Montreal to have sex for money.

She told the court she refused.

"I didn't have sex for money. I'm not a prostitute. I have self respect," she told the court.

Photos posted on Craigslist

But several days later she said while high on marijuana she let one of the girls take semi-nude photos of her.

Later people came up to her and said they'd seen the pictures, and she told defence counsel the photos were posted on Craig's List by one of the accused, the court heard.

Her testimony came at the trial of a 16-year-old Ottawa teen facing 33 charges, including human trafficking, making and distributing child pornography and sexual assault.

The young woman told the court she was upset because the accused on trial was a childhood friend.

She said they babysat, shopped and ran errands together and added her friend was nice when they were alone together — but when she was with the other co-accused she changed.

But she said "I don't have much friends so I still consider her a friend."

Court also watched police statement from witness

Two other co-accused in the trial who entered guilty pleas last month were not charged in relation to this incident.

Later Wednesday the court watched an hour-long video-taped statement from a young teen who described a separate incident involving the accused and one of the teens who had reversed her plea last month.

In the video-taped statement the girl, 14 at the time, said she went to a party where one friend was attacked and another was photographed while naked.

The teen girl said she went to a party with two friends on the invitation of the accused.

All the teens were drinking and she said one of her friends drank heavily.

A short time later she went to check on her drunk friend in the bathroom and found her naked in the tub. She said she noticed sexually explicit photos of her friend on the accused's cellphone.

'I was shocked and scared and so confused' witness says

She said she also heard banging sounds and screaming from her other friend and found her in the basement with her shorts and tights ripped off, her cheek scratched, her nose swollen and her face covered in blood.

On the video tape the police officer asked the teenager what was going through her mind.

"I was shocked and scared and so confused by what was happening," she answered.

None of the accused can be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.