Teen prostitution trial adjourned Wednesday

One of the co-accused is too sick for court.

Warning: Story contains graphic details that may offend some readers

The trial for three teenaged girls accused of luring and forcing other teens into prostitution, is off Wednesday because of illness.

One of the accused, a 16-year-old girl, is too sick to appear in court.

She’s the client of lawyer Trevor Brown, whose illness last week caused a two-day break.

The break follows an emotional day Tuesday as one of the alleged victims broke down under cross-examination from one of the accused’s lawyers.

Ken Hall said the 18-year-old alleged victim wanted to enter into prostitution for the money she could make.

The three accused, all represented by different lawyers, are facing 74 charges including human trafficking, forcible confinement and procuring for prostitution after their June arrest.

They’re accused of using social media to lure nine girls to a southeast Ottawa home, where they were allegedly sold into prostitution.

None of the victims or accused can be named because of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

The trial is set to resume Thursday, health permitting.