Hundreds of teachers upset with the Ontario government for imposing a two-year wage freeze and strike ban protested outside the Ottawa constituency office of Premier Dalton McGuinty Friday afternoon.

Some support workers and students also demonstrated alongside the teachers as they protested the passing of Bill 115 earlier this week.

"Never have I been so violated as a worker in this province," said Ottawa teacher Heather Cullen.

"I am a dedicated teacher, I do hours of unpaid overtime, I accepted a wage freeze, I did not accept the province interfering in collective bargaining that was proceeding with my employer."

Unions representing public school teachers have advised members to consider whether they want to continue participating in volunteer activities. Elementary school teachers have also been advised to avoid staff meetings and other administrative work on Mondays, in what their union calls "McGuinty Mondays."


Hundreds of teachers rallied outside the Ottawa constituency office of Premier Dalton McGuinty. (Ashley Burke/CBC)

Earlier in the afternoon hundreds of students at Longfields-Davidson Heights secondary school in Ottawa also held a walkout to protest the possible loss of school clubs and teams.

"We are behind our teachers and we support them in what they are doing and we sympathize with what the government has done," said Daniella Goran, a grade 12 student on the school's basketball team.

"But what we don't agree with is the government and the teachers union can't come to a compromise, therefore they are using us as a bargaining tool... and we don't think that's fair," she said.

Students at Cedarview middle school, Osgoode Township high school and John McCrae secondary school also held protests.