The wife and daughter of a Swiss national who vanished 10 years ago today just outside the village of Montebello,Que., say they have come to believe that he was the victim of foul play.

Raymond Hertzschuch was staying at a Montevilla Inn cottage in 2004 with his wife Luce Lapointe and family during a visit to Canada from Switzerland. On July 21, he decided to go pick mushrooms, something he had done on previous days, and never returned.

"We looked all around the cottage, outside, inside and my niece said, 'that's not normal,'" said Lapointe.

Police and volunteers searched for days but he was never found.

Raymond Hertzschuch

Raymond Hertzschuch was last seen on July 21, 2004 outside of Montebello, Que. (CBC)

​Lapointe said at the time, she was numb and couldn't process what was happening.

"When I left, I stopped the car about 100 feet from that place and that's when I stopped the car, cried and realized something happened," she said.

Lapointe says she never believed the theory some suggested that Hertzschuch had stumbled upon a marijuana grow up, but now believes he was the victim of foul play.

She said police searched the woods extensively, but looking back now she says she believes they should have broadened their search to look at vehicles parked nearby.

Michele Mouchet-Hertzschuch, his daughter, returned to Canada from her home in Switzerland five years later, and once again scoured the area with volunteers from the search-and-rescue charity Quebec Secours. But they still found nothing to suggest what might have happened.

She said it's been hard not knowing what happened to her father. She says she'd like to see an answer, not only for herself but also for her children and still holds out hope the mystery can be solved.

Lapointe said while she has moved on and come back to live in the region, there are moments when she still lingers on whether maybe she forgot a key detail or clue that might solve the mystery.