Suspected killer Philippe Steele-Morin arrested

Suspected killer Philippe Steele-Morin has been arrested after evading police for weeks.

Gatineau man faces second-degree murder charge in death of Tricia Boisvert

Philippe Morin is facing a second-degree murder charge. (SPVM)
Melanie Boisvert is "extremely relieved" that the Gatineau man suspected of killing her cousin and dumping her body in western Quebec was arrested Monday afternoon after evading police for weeks.

Philippe Steele-Morin was stopped by police while travelling north on Highway 309 near Buckingham, police sources confirmed. Morin faces a charge of second-degree murder in the death of Tricia Boisvert, 36.

"It's a good feeling to know that he's off the street," Melanie Boisvert told CBC.

Tricia Boisvert disappeared from her home in Montreal on Jan. 17. Police found blood in her apartment.

Her body was found in the woods northeast of the village of Quyon, Que. on Jan. 23.

Montreal police are leading the investigation. 

Boisvert had worked in Ottawa

Tricia Boisvert disappeared from her apartment in Montreal in January. (Facebook)
​Boisvert worked on and off as an exotic dancer at various strip clubs in Ottawa, a manager at Barefax told CBC.

One of Boisvert's family members told CBC she wanted to start a new career as a home-care provider for the elderly. She had booked a Caribbean vacation and planned to begin a training course on her return. 

Her cousin said the family continues to mourn but has some closure now that Steele-Morin has been arrested.

"I want people to remember that Tricia was a great, loving person," she said. "One thing that everybody who knows her will know is that she has the most infectious laugh ever, which is something that will be in my mind forever."