What appears to be a bullet hole in the abandoned vehicle of a fleeing suspect that MRC-des-Collines police fired on Friday. (CBC)

Gatineau and West Quebec police are on the hunt for suspects after an officer fired a shot at a vehicle Friday on Isabelle Street in Gatineau. 

MRC-des-Collines had followed a suspect into Gatineau police jursidiction, tried to stop the vehicle and when the suspect fled, an MRC officer fired a shot.

MRC are now looking for that person while Gatineau police investigate the shooting itself.

Isabelle Street near St. Joseph Boulevard was cordoned off for about six hours Friday as investigators searched for clues. 

But some residents say they knew something was wrong long before seeing the police tape outside.

Nadine Fournier was home when she heard what sounded like rocks hitting concrete.

"It's when I opened the dooor that I saw that it was not that, it was a gunshot," said Fournier. "Because it was smelling like something was there."

The suspect's car was later found abandoned in a parking garage at 300 St. Joseph Blvd.