Student protesters arrested in Gatineau streets

More than 160 protesters were arrested and ticketed as an anti-tuition hike demonstration marched in the streets near the Université du Quebec en Outaouais today.

West Quebec university says students must respect injunction as protests continue

One protester was arrested Wednesday as demonstrations moved to the streets. (Ashley Burke/CBC)

More than 160 protesters were arrested and ticketed for allegedly obstructing police work as the protesters marched in the streets near the Université du Québec en Outaouais.

The march was part of province-wide demonstrations against the Quebec government's proposed tuition-fee hike, which is to increase the amount students pay by $1,625 over five years.

The rector of the university said Tuesday protesting students and teachers must respect a court injunction that allows classes to continue. Students have been protesting at the school for the past three weeks.

Jean Vaillancourt said students and professors who want to return to class should return to the school Wednesday.

About 100 students crowded a door today forcing police to hold them back but then moved to the streets.

Students sought injunction to return to class

On Friday a group of students who wanted to return to class sought and won an injunction to reopen the doors of the school to those who wanted to finish the school year.

But on Monday about 200 students barricaded themselves inside the school. The university, which also was opposed to reopening because of safety concerns, tried to get the courts to overturn the injunction but were denied Monday.

About 100 students were outside the school Tuesday, but the protest was relatively tame, although earlier in the morning one teacher was arrested for interfering with police officers.

Police were on site on Tuesday and were expected back at the school on Wednesday.

The demonstrations, which have been going on for two months in some regions, have forced CEGEPS and universities across the province to cancel classes just as the school year was coming to a close.

Vaillancourt said he hoped students would be able to wrap up the school year by early May.