Art Is In Bakery could be the last stall standing at a normally packed Sparks Street farmers' market after the BIA issued new rules last week that prevent vendors from selling hot and ready-made foods.

Most vendors decided to quit setting up for the weekly market after meeting Thursday to discuss their options. 

Ty simpson art is in bakery sparks street farmer's market

Ty Simpson works at Art Is In Bakery. (CBC)

The Sparks Street BIA said it issued the new rules last week because vendors selling  hot and ready-made food were taking business away from the mall's restaurants.  The BIA said it will look for other vendors and refund previous stalls a portion of their rent.

The Hot Potato Company was one of many vendors that did not set up on Friday. Jasmine Leese said its entire menu is restricted under the new regulations.

"They put so many restrictions on us that it's just become impossible for us to make a profit. Many of us can barely cover our rent," she said.

Simpson said he is disappointed at the new rules.

"Frankly, the argument doesn't make a lot of sense to me that we're seriously impacting these store fronts," he said. "It's not the same person who is coming to buy one croissant that is sitting down for a big lunch meal. I don't think there's that much overlap."