Sources: Man confesses to killing in Gatineau

Gatineau police are investigating the city’s fourth homicide of the year after a body was found on rue Montpetit in the Hull sector Saturday night.

Body found on rue Montpetit Saturday night

Gatineau police remove a body from a home on rue Montpetit Sunday, Oct. 27, 2013. (CBC)

Gatineau police are investigating the city’s fourth homicide of the year after a body was found in the Hull sector Saturday night.

Police sources tell CBC News a man came to the Ottawa police station on Elgin Street around 10 p.m. Saturday and confessed to killing a woman in Gatineau.

Const. Pierre Lanthier of the Gatineau Police said an autopsy is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 28. (CBC)

They then notified Gatineau police and held the man as a suspect.

Gatineau police said they went to an address on rue Montpetit and found a body. They confirmed Monday morning the body was that of a female. 

Gatineau police said a man is in custody at an Ottawa police station and they were filing paperwork to have him transferred over to them.

They said their investigators spoke with the suspect Monday afternoon. 

Autopsy set for Monday

Marina Ceclan said she recently moved to the area with her four-year-old son because it looked safe. (CBC)

Marina Ceclan recently moved in nearby and said she chose the area because it seemed safe.

"We have a son, it's very close to the park, the hospital," she said.

"When I came from church this morning and saw the tape I was shocked… it's normally quiet and safe."

A Gatineau police forensics team was on the scene Sunday morning to try to determine the circumstances around the death.

The body was removed from the home in the afternoon. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday.