SIU won't investigate Ottawa police punch video

Ontario's Special Investigations Unit will not be investigating a weekend brawl in the ByWard Market involving Ottawa police officers.

Man only suffered 'minor injuries,' says Special Investigations Unit

The Ottawa Police Association says an officer filmed punching a man was acting normally. 2:47

Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit will not be investigating a weekend brawl in the ByWard Market involving Ottawa police officers.

The SIU said a man seen in a one-minute YouTube video being tackled to the ground and punched repeatedly by police only suffered minor injuries.

It investigates whenever a member of the public is seriously injured or killed in an incident involving police.

Ottawa police said they were responding to a call of a man using a metal pole to assault staff at a Clarence Street nightclub before the incident was caught on camera.

They said the man seen in the video had also punched a police officer in the face.

Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau said Saturday their professional standards section is looking into the fight.

Two men are facing assault charges in connection with the incident.

Union says we need more context

The Ottawa Police Association said these kinds of videos are becoming more common and that can be problematic because they don't show the whole scenario.

Matt Skof of the Ottawa Police Association says the reaction of the officers was justified in the broader context. (CBC)

"What we saw in the video is something that happens several times a night, well within norms," said the association's president Matt Skof.

"Unfortunately we are the targets of a lot of assaults like that at this time and our reaction to it, which is heavily scrutinized, is fully justified."

Skof said the union continues to push for cameras on cruisers and uniforms, which he said would cause fewer complaints and higher conviction rates.

However, such cameras cost around $1,800 each.