The Ontario Special Investigations Unit is investigating after a knife-wielding man was shot near Innes and Tenth Line Roads in eastern Ottawa on Tuesday.

Ottawa police said the 20-year-old man was in the streets around 6 p.m., threatening people with a knife.

Police said the man was taken to hospital in stable condition after being shot twice by a police officer after an "interaction," according to a SIU news release.

Police sources said the man was shot in the chest and arm by a male officer with five to seven years experience.

No officers involved were injured.

Road closed for over 17 hours

"When I saw him walk along with a knife in his hands I thought, this is not normal," said Michael Nituch.

"He started waving it around and pointing it at his own chest."

Other witnesses said they saw the man smash a vehicle's windshield at a nearby parking lot before running down the road.

The area around the investigation has been closed to traffic in two locations.

Ottawa police lifted road closures on Tenth Line Road northbound between Innes and Des Epinettes roads just before noon.

The SIU investigates cases of serious injury, death, or sexual assault where police are involved.

The officer involved has been taken off the road and his gun seized for testing, as is protocol in these sorts of situations.