Check back here for updates on the sinkhole that shut down Highway 174 and made headlines for days. From the initial report to the greater issues of crumbling infrastructure in Ottawa and Ontario, you'll find it here.

  • Tuesday Sept. 4

Sinkhole swallows car in Ottawa: An Ottawa driver escaped with only minor injuries after his vehicle fell into a sinkhole on Highway 174, near the Jeanne D'Arc exit.


  • Wednesday Sept. 5

Ottawa sinkhole swallows car, but not driver: An Ottawa man escaped a highway sinkhole, which has grown to the size of an "Olympic-sized pool," after his car was swallowed during afternoon rush hour.

Sinkhole fix to take at least a week: Repairs to the large sinkhole on Highway 174 will take weeks, not days or hours, to repair, as the replacement pipe is currently being manufactured in Toronto.


  • Thursday Sept. 6

Sinkhole repair no easy fix, city says: Traffic on Highway 174 is not likely to be flowing again until the week after next week, according to the city's infrastructure manager, as repairs to the large sinkhole on the road continue.


  • Friday Sept. 7

Ottawa sinkhole reveals crumbling roads: A professional engineer reviewing the problem of corroding culvert pipes in Ontario says it is only a matter of time before someone dies because of a highway collapse.

Car finally removed from Ottawa sinkhole: The car that plunged into a sinkhole on Highway 174 Tuesday was finally pulled out Friday night, as city crews worked into the evening to repair the collapse of a storm drain pipe that caused the fissure.


  • Saturday Sept. 8

Older infrastructure needs attention, Watson says: Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson is calling on more infrastructure money from upper levels of government for what he calls "less sexy" projects, such as pipe replacements.


  • Wednesday Sept. 12
Hwy. 174 lane opens for afternoon rush hour: Commuters in Ottawa's east end got a small reprieve from traffic congestion as the city reopened one eastbound lane of Highway 174 Wednesday during the afternoon rush hour.