Traffic on Highway 174 is not likely to be flowing again until the week after next week, according to the city's infrastructure manager, as repairs to the large sinkhole on the road continue.

The eastbound lanes of Highway 174 remain closed between the Blair Road and Jeanne d'Arc exits.

Alternate routes for commuters travelling eastbound are:

  • 174 to Montreal to St. Joseph.
  • 174 to Blair to Innes.
  • Ogilvie to Montreal to St. Joseph.
  • Rockcliffe Parkway to St. Joseph.
  • Blackburn Hamlet By-pass to Innes or Navan.
  • Walkley to Ramsayville to Ridge to Anderson to Renaud.
  • Russell to Milton to Navan to Tenth Line.

Ottawa mayor Jim Watson and city staff said Thursday in a news briefing at city hall there no was no quick fix to the damaged storm drain pipe and road above.

The 3.6-metre-wide pipe collapsed on Tuesday, leading to the formation of a sinkhole that swallowed the car of motorist Juan Pedro Unger as he drove home. Unger crawled out of the hole and escaped, but the car remains in the hole.

Infrastructure manager Alain Gonthier stressed that repairs will take time to complete and said city staff is working "around the clock" to fix it.

The city has secured 18 sections of the 3.6-metre-wide pipe and have another two arriving Friday from Quebec. The rest of the pipe needed to replace the 50-year-old storm drain pipe is expected next week.

The replacement pipe is currently being manufactured in Toronto.

Infrastructure manager Alain Gonthier had told the transportation committee Wednesday the sewer pipe that collapsed was inspected just last summer. 


This sinkhole swallowed Juan Pedro's four-door sedan as he drove home during rush hour Tuesday in east Ottawa. (Photo courtesy of Ottawa Fire Services)

"At that point the conditions showed that the pipe was in need of renewal, but did not show signs of imminent failure," said Gonthier.

The city inspected the westbound lanes of the 174 near the sinkhole, and said the newer pipe under those are safe.