As the federal government works to draft new prostitution laws, Ottawa police are also trying to rework how they deal with the changing face of the sex trade.

CBC News reporter Judy Trinh has been investigating Ottawa's human trafficking industry.

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Police chief wants laws to target johns

Ottawa police Chief Charles Bordeleau

Ottawa police Chief Charles Bordeleau says he'd like to see the country's prostitution laws follow the leads of countries like Sweden and France, who have laws that target the men who buy sex instead of the prostitutes themselves.

New anti-prostitution laws urged


As the federal government reviews three anti-prostitution laws struck down by the Supreme Court, some people want the new laws to target men who pay for sex, making the buying of sex illegal.

Police target human trafficking

Sarah, former victim of human trafficking

Researchers and police say they are targeting a $26 million industry that’s one of the most dangerous in Ottawa: human trafficking.

Ottawa police shift focus in sex-trade sweeps

Insp. Chris Rheaume

Ottawa police made 117 arrests in prostitution-related sweeps last year, but in a dramatic shift from just four years ago, all of the people arrested were "johns", or men police say were attempting to pay to have sex.