Yves Laplante was sentenced to 20 months plus 16 days already served after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a 99-year-old patient. (Sketch by Laurie Foster-McLeod/CBC)

Former Gatineau hospital orderly Yves Laplante has been sentenced to just over 20 months in jail for the sexual assault of a 99-year-old patient.

Laplante, 44, pleaded guilty earlier this week to assaulting a woman in the Hull pavilion of the Gatineau General Hospital on Sept. 18.

Laplante had been employed at the hospital for seven years. Laplante was suspended on Sept. 19 and then fired two days later.

Police said the victim had a mental disability and she was unable to alert other hospital employees as to what had occurred.

Laplante was sentenced to 20 months in addition to the 16 days he had already served.

He will also be on probation for three years after his sentence and he is banned for life from working with vulnerable people or providing care.

The judge, in delivering the sentence Friday, called Laplante's actions repugnant but recommended he serve part of his sentence at the Percé detention facility in eastern Quebec , which has a therapy program for sex offenders.

The decision to send Laplante to Percé would ultimately be up to the director of the detention centre in Gatineau's Hull sector.