The Home Hardware in Sarsfield, Ont., has closed its doors after 20 years, forcing 20 people out of work.

The store was a mainstay in the small, rural eastern Ontario town about a 30-minute drive east of Ottawa. It also featured a Canada Post depot.

The store was also a vital source of feed and seeds for area farmers and gardeners.

Unlike many Home Hardware stores, which are franchises owned by local residents, the business in Sarsfield was owned by corporate headquarters in Toronto, according to store manager Frank Schultz.

He said the store had been losing a significant amount of money every year, which led to its sudden closure on April 8.

Workers were given little notice, but will have work until June 12, Schultz added.

The store was not only a hardware store, according to customers like Stephanie DeGuire, a public servant and maple syrup hobbyist.

"You go in and it kind of has that general store feel where you have all the ads for things for sale, people requesting help, people offering services," DeGuire said, "I think when people think of Sarsfield, it's pretty much the store that they think of."

The store was also known for its cats, which will need new homes due to the closure.

With files from Hallie Cotnam