For some time now I've been following a Twitter bot that sends out updates every time a known Government of Canada IP address is used to make anonymous edits to Wikipedia entries.

Finally, this morning, some journalistic paydirt:

Between 8 a.m. and 8:28 a.m., someone at Shared Services Canada made a total of 19 edits to 15 separate Wikipedia pages...

... about records released by the Canadian rock band Rush.

And I want to know who.

Can you help? Send your tip to me in an email.

List of potentials so far:

1. Tony Clement, whose love for the progressive rockers is well-known on the Hill. I asked him. He says he didn't. He's still at the top of my list.

2. A friend of a friend or her husband, who are both "Mega Rush fans" and "I think work for the GoC," according to a text I got this morning from a concerned friend shortly after I live-Tweeted the edits. I'm looking into it.

The edits (and some reaction as they appeared)