Days of heavy rainfall leading into the weekend left Gatineau residents with flooded homes, washed out highways and forced the evacuation Gatineau Park's Lac Phillipe campground on Sunday.

About 100 millimetres of rain fell on Thursday and Friday, washing over banks of a creek in the north Gatineau neighbourhood of Limbor.


Beaches were closed after water levels rose and road access was cut off following days of rain. (CBC)

The flooding submerged 14 streets and about 100 homes, filling basements with water and washing out roads.

Fernand and Barbara Mattlen awoke to a river of water flowing right through their house, ripping the deck off the side of their home.

"I fell down because the pressure of the water was so hard and …high," said Barbara Mattlen.

Water marks were a metre high on some homes. Another area resident, Johanne Gigure, was trying to drive her car to safety as she watched the water wash between neighbouring homes and quickly rise around her.

"It was coming like a big flow of water — and i just looked at the street and said 'Oh my god,'" said Gigure. "It was so high, we couldn't stop ... because I think I would stay there if I stopped."

Gatineau Park evacuated Sunday

North of the city in Gatineau Park, another swollen stream washed over the main road into the Lac Phillipe campground.

highway 148 and chemin parker, quebec

Highway 148 near Chemin Parker was washed out over the weekend.

No one was injured, but dozens of families trying to get out needed to wait until Sunday afternoon until a temporary bridge could be put in place to allow them to cross out of the campground.

Lac Phillipe's beaches were also closed after rising water levels made the site unsafe. Engineers said it would be at least a month before the main road into the campground is repaired.

Highway 148 washed out

Perhaps the most dramatic washout was to the southwest of the park on Highway 148 near near Chemin Parker, about 40 kilometres west of Ottawa.

Local officials said the road will likely be impassable for at least a month after sand washed out from under the road, leaving a deep chasm about 20 metres wide, cutting through both the highway and a local road. A detour is in place.

Highway 105 in Chelsea, Que., is also closed Monday between Scott Road and Old Chelsea Road. Locals will have access to their homes from Scott Road to Meredith Road.


The road into the Lac Phillipe campground washed out over the weekend. (CBC)