Rima Faour 'disgusted' after daughters find anti-abortion flyer targeting Justin Trudeau

A Kanata woman says she's outraged that her twin six-year-old daughters found a graphic anti-abortion flyer on the front steps of their home.

Mother says 6-year-olds shouldn't be drawn into political debate

Rima Faour was outraged when her twin daughters came home from camp to find a graphic anti-abortion pamphlet on the front steps of her Kanata home. (CBC)

An Ottawa woman says she's outraged after her six-year-old twin daughters discovered a graphic anti-abortion flyer targeting federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau on the front steps of their Kanata home.

Rima Faour said her daughters found the full-colour postcard-shaped flyers, produced by the Campaign for Life Coalition Youth Network, one day after they returned home from summer camp.

The postcards are part of the coalition's #No2Trudeau campaign, launched in response to the Liberal leader's requirement that any MPs who run for the party in the upcoming federal election support the party's pro-choice policy.

They show two images of what the coalition claims are aborted fetuses.

'I was disgusted'

Faour told CBC Ottawa she doesn't think her daughters should be drawn into a contentious political debate, especially in a place — their own home — where they should feel safe.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has said any of his party's MPs must vote along the party's pro-choice lines. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)
"I was disgusted," said Faour. "I was outraged. I don't want my children to see these images [and] I don't think they should be allowed at your front door."

Youth network head Alissa Golob said her group's polling numbers show that graphic images like the ones in their campaign do change people's minds on abortion.

"Slavery and the holocaust — abuses like these have changed using graphic images," said Golob. "So we're just using a strategy that works."

In 2014, Trudeau announced that anti-abortion MPs already sitting in his caucus could run as candidates in the upcoming election, but will still be expected to vote along pro-choice lines on any legislation regarding abortion.

Faour said she hopes no political party endorses the use of the postcards.