Parks Canada is temporarily closing more than a dozen lockstations along the Rideau Canal from Hog's Back to Smiths Falls because of high water levels.

The move, which takes effect at 4 p.m. on Monday,  comes less than 10 days after the federal agency officially opened the canal's 182nd navigation season on May 16.

Parks Canada is blaming heavy rains and a late snow melt for the high water levels.

The Ottawa and Hartwells locks will remain open in Ottawa, and locks upstream from Smiths Falls starting with Poonamalie are also open.

The locks closed for navigation are Hogs Back Black Rapids, Long Island, Burritts Rapids, Lower Nicholsons, Upper Nicholsons, Clowes, Merrickville, Kilmarnock, Edmonds, Old Slys, Smiths Falls Combined & Smiths Falls Detached.


The Rideau Canal opened its navigation season on May 16. (CBC)

Boater Rick Pancham found out about the closure through Facebook and said Parks Canada could do a better job of communicating the closures.

Pancham, who docks his boat at Dow's Lake, said cutting off the southern locks takes away the preferred destinations for most boaters in the city.

"With the shutdown of the locks we are basically stuck here, we can't go anywhere," said Pancham.

The federal agency said it would inform boaters and the public when the locks reopen.