After shutting its doors for three years and undergoing $80 million in renovations, the Canadian Science and Technology Museum is set to reopen to the public Friday, Nov. 17, offering both new exhibits for visitors to discover and some old favourites.

A leaky roof and mould caused the museum on St. Laurent Boulevard to shut down in 2014. In the last three years, the building was demolished and rebuilt with 80,000 square feet of redesigned exhibition space. 

Artifact Alley is back in the centre hall of the museum, with more than 700 artifacts on display. The Crazy Kitchen, an original exhibition from when the museum first opened in 1967 for Canada's centennial, has also returned.

Crazy kitchen museum of science and technology ottawa

The crazy kitchen is back as part of the revamped museum. (CBC)

There will also be a "children's lab" where kids get to build, play and imagine, an exhibition on wearable technology and an exhibit on how the outdoors has shaped Canadian identity.

New additions

Sound by Design is a new interactive experience that invites visitors to try out instruments, dance to motion-activated sound machines and take a spin as DJ on an oversized turn table. 

The cutting edge exhibition explores 150 years of sound recording and music making, with a large collection of inventions, electronic instruments and a room designed to eliminate echoes called the Quiet Room.

Sound by Design also features the world's first synthesizer, the Electronic Sackbut, invented by Hugh Le Caine in his Ottawa garage in the 1940s. 

Hugh Le Caine- Electronic Sackbut

The world's first synthesizer 'The Electric Sackbut', invented by electonic pioneer Hugh Le Caine in his garage in Ottawa. (Sandra Abma/CBC)

"Design really underscores so much about what we've come to know and understand about sound." said Tom Everrett, the exhibit's curator. 

"Everything from scientific principles of sound to the ways we engage and play with music, all this has been influenced on a very deep level by technological innovation and questions of design, so that's what we want to explore in the exhibit," he said.

Canada museum of science and technology train

Museum goers will still be able to see the popular train exhibition when the museum reopens on Friday.