A 68-year-old businessman originally from Ottawa has been missing from his home in Panama for a week, his family says, and police in the Central American nation say it's suspicious.


Ed Moynan, a reitred businessman originally from Ottawa, has been missing from his home in Panama for a week, his family says. (Facebook)

"It's devastating, it's horrifying," his wife, Louise Moynan, told CBC News by phone from Panama Friday. "I don't even know of a word to describe it."

Ed Moynan and his wife — married for 28 years — ran Centennial Glass in Ottawa for more than 20 years.

Two years ago they retired, sold the business and moved to a gated community in Coronado, Panama.

Last heard from Nov. 8, family says

Ed Moynan was last heard from on Nov. 8 and a missing person report was filed on Nov. 10.

"Since that point, we have flyers out all over the place, all the appropriate police are looking, and the investigation is … really moving ahead," said Ruth Alchemy, Ed Moynan's sister, also by phone from Panama. "A forensic team came out and did a search of the house. I feel confident now that everything is in place for action to take place."

Louise Moynan was in Canada visiting family when her husband went missing. She flew home to Panama on Monday.

The family have been distributing pamphlets in Panama, and have been actively searching for him. Ed Moynan's rental car — his own vehicle was in a repair shop — has not yet been found.

The family are also worried by Ed Moyen's glasses, which were found broken at the home. Also found at the home were his wallet and wrist watch.

'I can't give up,' wife says

"I have to be optimistic," Louise Moynan said. "I have to stay positive.

"I can't give up and start thinking negatively because it's the only thing I can hang on to right now," she said.

The couple had a son together, and Ed Moynan also has two children from a previous marriage.

Meanwhile, Canadian consular officials are assisting Moynan's family, and are "in ongoing contact with local authorities to gather additional information," a Foreign Affairs and International Trade spokeswoman wrote in an email Friday.