Residents in the south Ottawa community of Deerfield Village had asked the city for stop signs to slow traffic on a street they say drivers are using as a drag strip. Instead, the city put stop signs to halt pedestrians.

meandering brook drive, ottawa, ON

Meandering Brook Drive near Lester and Albion Roads has a posted speed limit of 50 kilometres per hour, but residents on the street say drivers are doing anything but meandering as they make their way through the street.

"There are no stops," said Norm Sauve. "It's basically a speedway."

When Sauve and his neighbours demanded stop signs to slow traffic, they instead got miniature stop signs to warn pedestrians crossing the road on their way to the area's two parks or nearby daycare. 


Norm Sauve and his son wait at a stop sign placed for pedestrians at Meandering Brook Drive. (CBC)

A city traffic study last fall concluded that traffic volume on Meandering Brook Drive is relatively low and average speeds were well below the posted limit.

Diane Deans, the city councillor for the area, said the street doesn't qualify for stop signs under provincial rules.

"After a very short time people will start ignoring the stop sign and driving right through it," said Deans. "That then becomes the safety hazard."

"So city staff aren't prepared to put in unwarranted stop signs because they become a bigger hazard for the community," she said.