The Ontario SPCA seized 45 reptiles, including an alligator, from a property in Renfrew County after they say the reptiles were found in poor living conditions.

The animal welfare agency visited the property in Cobden, Ont., on Monday after receiving a call from someone concerned with the well-being of the animals.

The agency removed 45 reptiles, including bearded dragons, snakes, lizards and an American Alligator, which were being raised on the rural property to be sold.

"The conditions of the animals were less than acceptable," said Larry Wilkinson, a senior inspector for the SPCA for Eastern Ontario. 

"They were living in poor conditions, either without food, without water and without proper sanitation. And in some cases they had an abundance of water, which is not healthy for them and which leads to mold and other issues," he added.

Wilkinson said some cats, dogs and livestock were found on the property, as well. Those animals were left there with an order for the owner to uphold Ontario laws in relation to animal welfare.

The agency said their investigation is ongoing.