A court-appointed receiver is seizing the assets and offices of an embattled Ottawa rental company following complaints by numerous investors.

Doyle Salewski Inc. said a bankruptcy application filed Tuesday named them as the receiver for the company, and the proposed trustee in bankruptcy.


A process will now begin to decide how best to satisfy the interests of the many people who claim to be owed money, such as investors, mortgage holders and rent-to-own tenants.

That process could lead to the sale of property, with assets being divided among those with claims.

CBC News has learned of bounced cheques, at least 10 lawsuits and complaints from multiple tenants, contractors and investors about Jean-Claude Lacasse’s rent-to-own company.

Lacasse entered into rental agreements with the promise that tenants could eventually own the property, but at least one deal fell apart when a rent-to-own family was suddenly asked to leave their new home.

Doyle Salewski said those affected can attend a meeting on Wednesday at 6 p.m. at 1000 Byron Ave. in Ottawa only if they provide proof of their involvement.

People who fit that criteria can also visit a special website, email goldenoaks@doylesalewski.ca or call 613-569-1002 for more information.

Doyle Salewski’s first report is due in court on July 25.

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