A rent-to-own company that tenants, investors and home sellers say has thrown them into financial and emotional turmoil has also affected contractors hired to renovate its properties.

Golden Oaks Enterprises, owned by Jean-Claude Lacasse, owns more than 50 properties throughout the city. Contractors and subcontractors are hired to fix up those properties so they can either be flipped or rented to people.


One subcontractor who used to supervise renovations for Lacasse's properties said he's still owed about $17,000 for labour and supplies.

"We put our heart and soul into what we did to get these houses completed, and now here we are with empty pockets," Joe Kadosa said.

Worked for 2 months without pay

Kadosa said he worked for two months without pay, hoping the money would eventually come.


Joe Kadosa says he's still waiting for $17,000 in labour and supply costs. (CBC)

"I figured being loyal to a company would pay off and sooner or later he'd rebound and we'd have all my guys back on my sites, we'd be working again, we'd all be making money," he said. "And then all of a sudden, nope, everything started shutting down."

But families were still moving in, families like Chantal Scott, James Cronier and their six children.

"I knew she had six kids … I wanted to get them into their new home. And it had to be completed, so we completed it," Kadosa said.

That family was eventually kicked out of the house only a week after moving in by an investor who held a second mortgage on the home.

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Kadosa, meanwhile, said he has filed a lien on a property he worked on for Golden Oaks to try to recoup some of his losses.

Kadosa isn't the only worker claiming losses.

'The next thing I knew all of us were out of work'

Tyler Clarey said he's still waiting for nearly $3,000 in pay.

"Everything was good in December, January, February, until we started having problems in March. We were told that we were short on work and pay started to bounce, and the next thing I knew all of us were out of work," Clarey said.

"It was hard. How do you come back from something like that when you lose so much money? You're scrambling to pay bills, it's a hassle for everybody in the end."

Golden Oaks Rent 2 Own Canada and J.C. Lacasse are facing more than $2 million in lawsuits.

Lacasse has not returned repeated requests for comment from CBC News. In a statement he issued earlier this week, Lacasse said his company is restructuring and that he has listed some properties for sale in order to meet his financial obligations.