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Remember March 19, 2012? We hate to do this but...

Remember what we enjoyed two years ago today? Weather records were obliterated — on the high side.

Take today's conditions and flip them on their head to get what we had two years ago

Here's Cory O'Kelly's record-breaking heat report from March 19, 2012. 1:22
This man was down three or four layers of clothing on March 19, 2012 compared to what we've got to wear today.
Today's snow and cold is a far cry from what we enjoyed two years ago today, when weather records were obliterated — on the high side.

March 19, 2012 was the last official day of winter that year as well, but it felt more like the first days of summer in Ottawa with a high that reached 24 C.

The previous record, which we'd still be happy with today, had been 16 C.

As you can tell, today isn't much like it was 730 days ago. Ottawa's forecast is for two to four centimetres of snow and a high of 1 C, rising to 3 C overnight with snow and rain mixed together.

Gatineau may see as many as 15 centimetres of snow through Wednesday night, with areas such as Pembroke, Petawawa and Renfrew set for as many as 10 centimetres after it starts in the late morning.

Watch the video above to see what life was like in Ottawa on March 19, 2012.

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