Ottawa Redblacks offensive lineman SirVincent Rogers knows ribs. When he was growing up in Texas his uncle operated a smoke store, so we had to put his tastebuds to the test at Ribfest. 

"Anything involving food, I'm here," Rogers told CBC Radio's In Town and Out

Rogers is originally from Jasper, Texas. He came to the Redblacks in 2015, but still goes down south in the off-season. 

During this year's Ottawa Ribfest on Sparks Street, he was asked to be a judge for some of the rib tasting competitions. 

"I look for the texture of the meat, if it's smoked well, if it's tender. There's some art to it," he said. 

He has a keen eye for rib detail, he said, having lived in one of the best places to experience southern cooking. 

'A lot of people cheat and either boil or bake ribs so that it'll fall off the bone.' - SirVincent Rogers

Those cheaters are no match for Rogers. 

He ranked 14 plates of ribs from best to worst easily, saying he had three "clear" winners. Texas Outlaw ribs were some of the best, he concluded.

Canadian connection

Living in Canada has been easy, Rogers said. 

"I've never once walked the streets of Canada and had to be aware of my surroundings," he said. "It's easy to come here and play. Without fan involvement we're just out playing backyard football."

The five-day Ottawa Ribfest on Sparks Street wraps up its last day Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.