The Queensway Carleton Hospital has filed its statement of defence to a lawsuit alleging it and Ottawa police didn’t do enough to stop a 2012 murder-suicide involving a former patient.

Theresa Lefebvre, age 46, died in hospital in April 2012 after she was severely beaten by her husband Peter Lefebvre, who then killed himself.

Her two children, sister and sister’s husband filed a lawsuit against Ottawa police, the Ottawa Police Services Board, two unnamed police officers, the Queensway Carleton Hospital and an unnamed physician at the hospital in March of this year.

The lawsuit alleges police didn’t do enough to save Theresa’s life by not investigating or charging Peter Lefebvre after he assaulted Theresa at their home in March 2012. It also alleges police failed to warn Theresa of the potential danger.

The suit also alleges the hospital and doctor allowed him to leave the hospital five days after he checked in on or about March 29 when he shouldn’t have been released without following up or warning Theresa or police about the potential danger.

"The defendants knew or ought to have known that Peter Lefebvre posed a threat to his own safety and the safety of others and failed to take appropriate steps  to ensure the safety of Theresa Lefebvre," the suit states.

None of the allegations in the lawsuit have been proven in court.

The plaintiffs are asking for more than a million dollars damages for breach of duty, negligence, loss of care and loss of earning capacity, among other reasons.

Theresa suffered her injuries April 11, the same day Peter was found dead. She died of her injuries on April 18, 2012.

Hospital denies all allegations

In a statement of defence filed Aug. 6, the Queensway Carleton Hospital said it denied all of the allegations against it and its doctor.

They said Peter Lefebvre came to them on March 25, four days earlier than the lawsuit alleges, saying he had been clinically depressed for three years and considered suicide.

The hospital said he was treated and released at his request on April 4, with "appropriate follow-up care" arranged by the doctor.

"At all material times, the hospital and nursing care provided to Mr. Lefebvre was in accordance with acceptable hospital and nursing standards," it said in the statement of defence.

It also said in the statement the children and their now-guardians didn’t suffer the damages they claim they did.

None of the other defendants have filed statements of defence. Ottawa police say they intend to do so.