Ottawa's first baby of 2016 already knows a few things about being prompt.

The baby girl was born at the stroke of midnight on Jan. 1 at the Queensway Carleton Hospital, more than two weeks before her due date.

Ottawa baby 2016

Ottawa's first baby of 2016 is a girl. (Queensway Carleton Hospital)

"This was the most exciting New Year's we've had in a while," said mother Amanda Hebert of Munster, Ont.

Hebert said she was enjoying a quiet New Year's Eve with her husband Shawn and daughter Kaylee, 2, when her water broke.

The family doesn't have a name picked out yet.

"We knew we were having a girl but we really thought we had a couple of more weeks to make a decision," said Hebert.

"She is a wonderful Christmas and new year gift."

The baby weighs eight pounds, three ounces.