More than 600 dogs seized from a southwestern Quebec puppy mill in September have been handed over to Anima-Quebec, the Quebec animal protection agency.

The two owners of the Paws 'R Us in Clarendon, Que., pleaded guilty to 17 charges involving animal cruelty and were fined over $10,000 in a court appearance Thursday.

They will return to court on February 17 to discuss further details of the sentence.

The puppies are currently being cared for by Humane Society International Canada in Lachute, Que. The agreement Thursday opens the door for the dogs and puppies to be adopted or sold.

More than 500 dogs were seized in a raid in September and about 90 puppies have been born since.

The animals were reported to be living in poor conditions without sufficient food or water.

The Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food said the scale of the seizure was without precedent in Quebec.