An east-end Ottawa city councillor says residents outside the city limits should be forced to pay to use Highway 174.

Stephen Blais is proposing an electronic toll be installed at Canaan Road and the 174.

Blais said about 20 per cent of the drivers who commute through Highway 174 pass through the town of Clarence-Rockland first on their way into Ottawa.

He said if they use the road, they should pay for it too.

"All the residents of Ottawa are paying a pretty decent amount of tax to keep 174 in the shape that it is," said Blais.

"The residents of Rockland are paying nothing yet they get all the benefits to commute to their jobs downtown and I think they should pay their fair share to contribute to the upkeep of the road and then we can use some of that money to improve transit out to Orleans," Blais said.

Blais said he plans to introduce a motion to city council next month.

If it passes, the plan will also need the approval of Ontario's Ministry of Transportation.