The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board is trying to make it easier for parents and other community members to volunteer in schools, in light of recent job action by teachers.

The extracurricular activities available for volunteer supervision include sports, student clubs and school-sanctioned student events.

"Our primary concern is always student safety," Walter Piovesan, the associate director of education, said in a news release.

"It's very important that extracurricular activities are only offered where appropriate supervision and student safety can be ensured," he added.

"Having said that, we understand the strong interest in doing whatever is possible to ensure that we make available extracurricular activities in support of student achievement and well-being."

Police record check required in some cases

The school board is dividing the activities into two categories: low-risk and medium- to high-risk.

Potential volunteers for low-risk activities — supervising students in open, common areas or with intermittent observation by staff — will continue to be co-ordinated by school principals.

But volunteer applicants for medium- to high-risk activities — directly supervising students alone or off-site with no staff supervision — will be screened by a central committee.

Applicants will have to complete an application form, including two references and a list of qualifications, as well as undertake a police record check or provide evidence of an application for a record check.

If people are interested, their first step will still be to contact a school principal to express interest.