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  • Saturday May 20, 2017

    Audio So you're Canadian, eh?

    The origins of "eh". How two little letters came to define how many Canadians speak. CBC Producer Paul Karchut takes a look at how this word got baked into the end of so many of our sentences.

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  • Saturday May 20, 2017

    Audio Fun and educational traffic control boxes!

    They were one of the more boring parts of the city streetscape. Now, more than a dozen boxes are being transformed into "capital history kiosks", interactive sites where people can learn more about Ottawa.

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  • Saturday May 20, 2017

    Audio 20 minutes a day can slow aging on muscles

    Aerobics is great. Training using weights is too. Combining the two is best. Learn more on aging and muscle-loss from longevity columnist Sharon Basaraba.

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  • Saturday May 20, 2017

    Audio Lots to do this long weekend

    And some of the usual paid admissions are FREE this weekend. Hear Sandra Abma's list and view it on the CBC Ottawa website.

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  • Saturday May 20, 2017

    Audio Do these names make your mouth water? Rideau Bakery or Kardish

    Documentary film "One of the Last" unveils their history and Ottawa's love for their food. It is being screened this afternoon in the Saint Paul University amphitheatre as part of the One World Film Festival.

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  • Saturday May 20, 2017

    Audio Even sheep take off their coats for the winter

    The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum is holding its annual Sheep-Shearing Festival. Plenty of sheep are getting their spring haircuts over the next couple of days. Hear more from the happy children who visited this past week.

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  • Saturday May 20, 2017

    Audio La Noodle, freshly-pulled pasta

    It sounds French but it's actually a Chinese business that offers homemade noodles. Our restaurant reviewer, Kent Van Dyk, paid a visit to the new Kanata location.

    Listen 8:34
  • Saturday May 20, 2017

    Audio Teenage punk turns country

    Tonight, Irene's Pub hosts a group of familiar faces in the local country and bluegrass scenes. One of them is Paul Roberto of local band The Dusty Drifters. Hear how he first got into playing music.

    Listen 6:12

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