Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is at odds with newly-elected Ottawa South MPP John Fraser over plans for a new oil pipeline.

TransCanada's proposed pipeline would run directly through the western part of Ottawa. Wynne said she is open to the plan.

"I'm very open to solutions that are going to work for the people of the country," said Wynne. "We need to find ways to work with the other provinces and make sure that we have rational energy planning across the country."

'I would oppose this,' said Fraser

Some local residents and environmental groups want more answers about the pipeline.

In an e-mailed statement, Fraser said he supports the local groups raising safety concerns.

"I would oppose this and any project that compromises the safety of Ottawa South residents," Fraser said.

'Not afraid to have a discussion,' said Wynne

Wynne has not addressed the issue with Fraser directly, but she said she is open to having a conversation.

"One of the things about my caucus is that people bring their opinions to the table," said Wynne. "And I'm not afraid to have a discussion where there's a disagreement."

TransCanada is expected to file its regulatory application with the National Energy Board by the end of the year.