Potholes damage vehicles along Rockcliffe parkway

15 vehicles were damaged by at least two potholes along Ottawa's Rockcliffe parkways.
Potholes along Rockcliffe Parkway caused serious damage to vehicles, including two flat tires on this car. (Ryan Gibson/CBC)

Potholes on Ottawa's Rockcliffe Parkway damaged more than a dozen vehicles this morning.

By the time a City of Ottawa crew arrived at around 9 a.m., 15 vehicles were casualties of the water-filled, asphalt crevasses.

The potholes encroached so far into the middle of the road, it would've been impossible to avoid them without veering into oncoming traffic. 

A short distance down the road, damaged vehicles started massing at the roadside; some with flat tires, some with broken rims and others made undrivable by both. One vehicle observed had two passenger-side tires blown out.

While some RCMP officers redirected traffic, other officers helped stranded motorists replace tires.

The lucky ones suffered one or two flat tires, but Luke Morrison wasn't that fortunate.

"It blew out both tires, bent both rims and I was only going about thirty," said Morrison. "I saw a huge puddle, I slowed down and it still wrecked the car." 

The pothole cluster also rendered motorist Dan Boucher's car undriveable and as he waited for a tow truck Boucher described his encounter and wondered how the city could allow the road to deteriorate to such an extent.

"The impact was so big that the actual control panel from the fuse box, fell out the bottom of the car," he told CBC. "And from what we hear from the police officers, the City of Ottawa has known since yesterday about this."

The National Capital Commission owns the parkway but the city is responsible for its maintenance.

Compensation claims for damage done by the potholes should be made to the city.