Bus, train crash victims

1. Ottawa bus crash witness 

The most shocking story of the year in Ottawa was the tragic crash between an OC Transpo bus and a Via Rail passenger train. The most watched video on our website was this account over the phone from a witness.

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2. Police officer punches man

In the fall of 2013, an Ottawa police officer was shown on a smartphone video punching a young man. The officer was later vindicated and the man was charged, but the initial video raised some concerns as it came after the Sammy Yatim shooting in Toronto.

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3. ‘Smoking alcohol’ videos trouble paramedics

A phenomenon gaining steam online showed college-age men in the U.S. vaporizing alcohol and then inhaling it. The practice was also touted as a way to reduce the number of calories you take in during a night out.​

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4. Son with severe autism left to government

Parents of a child with severe autism said they were exhausted and left their son at a government office, claiming they were out of options.

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5. Fired for trying to help dog

A woman working at a south Ottawa Wal-Mart says she confronted a customer who left their dog locked in a hot car. She was later fired, she said.

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6. Funnel cloud in Ottawa

Ottawa sees its fair share of freezing rain, snow and wet weather, but it doesn't see many tornadoes or funnel clouds. This video was captured by a user and sent to CBC Ottawa.

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Motorcycle speeding west Quebec

7. Motorcycle caught on video speeding

MRC des Collines-de-l'Outaouais police used recorded video taken by two motorcyclists to fine them more than $10,000 each and give them more than 100 demerit points after they pulled them over for speeding.


8. Spartan Race in 90 seconds 

The Spartan Race is a gruelling test of endurance, strength and perseverance with a series of obstacles and challenges. We edited down video into a 90-second taste of the 2013 race in Wakefield, Que.

Daycare shooting

9. Gatineau police on daycare shooting

A man entered a daycare in Gatineau, Que., and shot one of the workers before turning the gun on himself. Gatineau police spoke about the incident soon after that left the two men dead.

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Ottawa dog attack breezy 1 (Oct. 21)

10. Dog named Breezy nearly beaten to death 

The dog, Breezy, became well known in Ottawa after it was beaten by its owner's son with a shovel. She underwent surgery to help her recover and she continues to overcome the injuries.

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