Police are targeting motorcycles throughout Ottawa’s streets, particularly late at night, due to speeding and noise concerns raised by residents and city councillors.

There were two deaths last year resulting from motorcycle crashes, and another 88 people injured, according to City of Ottawa statistics.

That is why police are targeting specific areas to curb street racing. One area where riders are racing, according to police, is a loop that circles Riverside Drive, Heron Road and Data Centre Road near the Billings Bridge Shopping Centre.

“It's like a little racetrack they've done ... they're hard to catch,” said Ottawa police Sgt. Denis Hull, who clocked some bikes travelling at 200 km/h.

“These speeds are just not acceptable on public (streets). If you want to race there's places for that. Take the bike to the track."


There were two people killed in motorcycle crashes in Ottawa in 2012 and 88 others were injured.

Hull said officers could only catch these racers at stop lights because they were travelling so fast.

Some police forces in the United States use an airplane to shine a spotlight on speeding motorcycles to make it easier for police on the ground to catch speeders, but there is limited funding for that in local policing.

In the latest blitz on Friday, a cold night for riding, police handed out a total of six tickets.

Police are reminding drivers that a stunt driving ticket comes with a week-long licence suspension and a minimum $2,000 fine. As well, the motorcycle is impounded for a week.