Crossing guards Ottawa

Crossing guards in Ottawa have made 40 complaints so far this school year about drivers ignoring their signs and driving too fast. (CBC)

Ottawa police said they handed out 211 tickets to drivers during a blitz of school zones in Ottawa's east end; 110 of those tickets were for provincial offences and 101 of the tickets were for bylaw offences.

Police conducted the two-day blitz at 20 school zones in Orleans following complaints from crossing guards that many drivers were ignoring them.

The majority of the tickets were for speeding, with one driver ticketed for travelling 41 kilometres per hour above the speed limit in the school zone, police said.

Blitz follows crossing guard complaints

Parents in the area said they hope drivers get the message.

"Even with the crossing guard, they've come right up and are literally a foot and a half away before they stop, and you're already crossing the street," said parent Tonya Brandton. "It's sad."

Crossing guards have made 40 complaints so far this school year, according to the Ottawa Safety Council, which employs 159 crossing guards across the city.