Police are searching a rural east Ottawa field for the gun used in the fatal drive-by shooting of Levy Kasende last year, believed to be a .357 Magnum revolver.

Kasende, 22, was killed outside of his ex-girlfriend's home on Aug. 25, 2012 on Innes Road.

It is the only unsolved homicide from 2012 for Ottawa Police.

About 20 officers spent Friday examining a field in Vars, where a burnt-out van police believe was used as the getaway vehicle was found.

They said they also believe that's where the murder weapon and other items related to the case could have been thrown away, having waited all winter for the snow to melt.


Ottawa police said they believe a .357 Magnum revolver similar to this one was used in the murder of Levy Kasende in August of 2012. (Courtesy Ottawa Police Service)

"Our unit is well trained. If it is here they will find it," said Det. Chris Benson of the Ottawa police.

"I'm very optimistic that we will resolve this case. And we will make arrests in regards to this case."

Lack of bullet casings key

Investigators didn't find bullet casings outside the social housing complex where Kasende was shot, nor were bullet casings recovered from the field, according to police sources.

The .357 Magnum doesn't eject bullet casings after it's fired.

Police are still hoping to talk to an anonymous tipster who wrote them a letter earlier this spring.

They're also currently looking at links between the Kasende shooting and Ottawa's most recent homicide.

Malik Adjokatcher, 24, was fatally shot earlier this week on Ritchie Street.