Police say fake lawyer tricked parents

Police are warning residents in Lanark County of a man posing as a lawyer who is trying to scam people into wiring money for a son jailed on impaired driving charges.

Police in Lanark County, west of Ottawa, are warning the public about a phone scam where a man claims to be a lawyer representing a jailed son.

Ontario Provincial Police say a man calls homes in the Mississippi Mills area and goes by the name, Walter Green.

Police say the man tells the prospective victims that their son was in an accident and is in jail charged with impaired driving.

The man then tells them they need to wire money via Western Union in order for their son to be released on bail. In one case, the victim wired $4,100 before discovering they were defrauded.

Police advise residents not to send money to anyone until confirming the call is legitimate. Often, that means calling police to confirm the information.