Ottawa police say they are encountering obstacles as they investigate the early Saturday morning shooting of a man outside an Innes Road housing complex.

Levy Kasende, 22, was visiting his ex-girlfriend and their four-month-old daughter when he was killed in what witnesses say was a drive-by shooting.

Multiple shots rang out at 2676 Innes Rd., at about 12:50 a.m. ET Saturday and witnesses reported seeing a vehicle pull up just before the shots were fired. 


Levy Kasende, 22, pictured here with his daughter, was shot to death just steps away from his ex-girlfriend's home on Innes Road early Saturday morning. (Photo courtesy Sarah Labib)

Major crimes investigators characterize Kasende's death — the city's fifth homicide this year — as gang-related. They said while Kasende was not a known gang member, some of his friends were.

Friends, neighbours unco-operative

Police said Monday some of Kasende's friends and neighbours are too scared to talk, while others have refused to co-operate.

"Any incident involving gang members and the circle of friends that they surround themselves with is problematic for investigators," said Ottawa police Chief Charles Bordeleau.

"There's not many witnesses who want to come forth... [but] we know they have information."

Police also said they will have to depend on eyewitness accounts of the event as there are no surveillance cameras in the area.

They are also looking into whether an abandoned vehicle destroyed by fire found on Rockdale Road early Saturday morning has anything to do with the homicide.

Brother says Kasende was focused on fatherhood

Kasende was the youngest of seven children from a family that came to Canada from Congo.

The victim's older brother Thierry said Levy had turned a corner in his life and had decided to focus on his family.

"Regardless of what other types of people he had around him he knew how to fit in, he knew how to get along with everyone and most recently his life and his focus was to just be the best father could be for his daughter," said Thierry Kasende.